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Neda waterfalls

Neda waterfalls

Neda is an area of 278 sq. km. km. It is the only Greek river with feminine name forms, an unspoilt natural landscape of unparalleled beauty in the southern part of the county. The name of Neda drives from the water nymphs and the nurse of Zeus. The river starts its journey from the northwestern part of the main sources of Messinia in the southern slopes of Mount Lykaion, and some on the northern slopes of Mount Tetrazio.

Originally proceeds in a southerly direction, but after a few miles turned westward, erases the boundaries of Messinia and Ilia for about 32 km and invades Kyparissiakos bay, between the settlements Giannitsochori and oil. In the most part Neda forms a stunning canyon with lush vegetation and trees, oaks, fig trees, oleanders, etc. and impressive landscapes with towering cliffs, natural tunnels, huge pebbles in light green waters, culminating waterfalls formed in various parts of the river, on the side of Elis.

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